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What are "Wire & Gem Trees," also known as simply "Gem Trees" or "Gemstone Trees"?  They are tree sculptures with the trunk and branches made of wire and the leaves made of semi-precious gemstones.  The base is then usually a rock as well, but I have also used shells or other objects for bases.  Additionally, other materials (such as crushed glass) can be used for the leaves.  In the end, they are like small bonsai trees because you can reposition the branches to shape the tree because I use fairly thin-gauge wire.

In general I choose the stones of the leaves and/or base based on how they match with the color wire, but for those of you that believe different stones have different meanings or properties, those aspects can also be included in the tree.

The "type" of tree is variable.  I have made large trees, small trees, different shaped trees, and palm trees.  Most of the trees I have made are pictured in the "Trees" section of this website.


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